Ladies, would you like to find a great guy for yourself? Do you find yourself wasting time with players and other losers? There is a good chance that you might be looking for love and romance in the wrong places. Now you're probably wondering, “what are the right places where I can meet single men?”

Here are the top 5 places where to meet single men:

1. The Internet

  • Although some players, jerks, and other losers will get on dating sites to look for easy “prey,” you can still find some decent men here
  • Two of the top free dating sites are Mingle2 and Plenty of Fish
  • You could also find singles groups through (if you prefer to meet new people within a group as opposed to a one-on-one date)
  • In your online profile, make sure you are clear about what you're looking for as well as what you're not looking for
  • Anytime a guy asks you to come over to his place (or to go over to your place) for the very first time, consider this a red flag
  • Always make sure to meet in a public place (such as the mall food court, at a coffee shop, etc.)

2. The Gym

  • If you prefer men who work out and take care of their health and fitness, read, then the gym can be a great way to meet single men
  • Whenever you see a guy you like exercising at a distance, look at him and smile now and then
  • If he doesn't eventually approach you to break the ice, feel free to break the ice with him (such as asking him how to use a certain machine)
  • You could also sign up for an exercise class or two and meet potential boyfriends there
  • Wherever you go to meet single men and find potential boyfriends, just remember that most of them are more afraid of you than you are of them

3. At Work

  • When it comes to meeting men at work, at least you know that he has a job and makes his own money
  • You don't want to flirt with guys who work in the same department or area as you
  • If both of you were to have a fight and/or breakup, then it would become a drag going to work and doing your job
  • Ideally you'll want to flirt with guys who work in a different department or different area (a situation where both of you work in two different places during the day)

4. At Church

  • If you prefer to meet a single man with morals and values, then church can be a great place
  • Some churches have singles ministries where single men and women can come together as a group, go places, and do things together
  • Be sure to keep in mind that just because you meet a guy at church doesn't mean you don't have to worry about jerks, players, and other losers
  • It is still possible to meet a loser guy at church, so trust your intuition at all times

5. Through Mutual Friends

  • Sometimes a friend or coworker might know a single guy that would make a great match with you (at least in their opinion)
  • After all, a true friend wouldn't try to fix you up with a psycho right?
  • Whenever meeting a single guy through mutual friends, always trust your intuition

Now you know at least 5 places where you stand a good chance of meeting a great single guy. As you go about your quest to find a nice man for yourself, remember to take things slowly and stay true to yourself. Also keep in mind that you'll probably find your dream guy when you're not even trying. You could even meet him during your next trip to the grocery store!